Sunday, December 5, 2010

It is what it is... A Moment to Say "Thanks!"

So as I sit here in the airport for the next 8 hours or so, I thought I might have a little time to spare to write a new blog. I am super sorry I have been majorly slacking on it… but I did forewarn you all. But that is hardly an excuse that I should be using. Also, since I have 8 hours to pass… I promise I won’t write a novel.

It has been nearly two months since I have last updated this thing and a lot has occurred since then. I will just give you a brief run through.

· Monteverde: Zipling, Super Crazy and amazing fun! It was the second time there but just as fun as the first if not more.

· Bro. Jim visit: Great orientation, beach time, mountain climbing, catching the rays, and doing a little dance.

· Work: Still working and loving it every day. My schedule stays the same pretty much every week but a few things change here and there. I have taken part in Dia de los Maestros… which is celebrating the day of teachers, a march in regards to stopping violence against women, and a few birthday parties. This month I will be attending a party with my four year olds and the school will be having their Christmas party on the 15th of December.

· Sign Language: The vocabulary is growing. I am up to numbers, food, anything related to the calendar, occupations, and colors. It is nice to have my kids to practice with on a daily basis!

· Spanish: Is still getting better day by day. I threw out a few Tico words the other day and a lady told me I was learning fast.

· Birthday: WAS AMAZING!!! Ate a wonderful dinner consisting of Mac and Cheese and French Fries cooked by Tomas. Recieved great gifts one being a Machete! We then hit up Harry Potter and then went to celebrate in San Pedro. The next night we had a little fiesta at the house for all the guys since we all celebrated in November. Good company, good games and even a bonfire with S’mores.

So those are the events that have pretty much kept me busy my last couple months. It may not sound that exciting because I didn’t write ten pages about each one but they all have been a blast.

Some of you might be wondering why I am in the airport right now and this the main reason for this blog. This past Friday I received new that my Grandpa Differding had passed away. He had been in the nursing home for the last couple years and suffered from Alzheimers and the effects of a couple strokes one being just lately. The death of my Grandpa was expected sooner than later but was still a shock when it happened. I started looking for tickets the next day and was on the plane at 2:00 Sunday afternoon. I reached Houston at six that night and ran to my next plane that brought me to Minneapolis where my parents were waiting with open arms. As soon as I jumped off the plane I could see my breath. If it wasn’t for Grandpa I was ready to jump back on that plane and head back to my 80 degree weather in Costa Rica. This was suppose to be my year without snow but I think Grandpa had other plans for me. Honestly it was quite beautiful… so Thanks Grandpa!

The death of my Grandpa was a tough one for me with being so far away from my family, especially my dad. I did though, and I cannot say THANK YOU enough, have a great support system from my Costa Rican family as well as those up in Syracuse. If I did not have them, I don’t know what I would have done. The emails that all of you in Syracuse sent were absolutely wonderful and so heartfelt! I even showed them to my family back home. You all are truly amazing and if there is anything I can ever do… let me know! Be expecting a little Thank You here in the next couple weeks J

Now for you all in Costa Rica… I don’t know if I can express how thankful I am for you in words… But I am going to try!

Brittany: The smile and hug you greeted me with the days after I found out were my favorite! I am such a sucker for a hug and I sure got great ones from you. It actually reminded me of my hugs from my mom because you two are about the same height. You are so caring and thoughtful especially when you lent me your rosary. When I read that you try to fix mine and then went and lent me yours, the waterworks definitely started. I have never known anyone that would every do anything like that for me! Before I took off on my first flight I said the half the rosary on yours and half on the rosary Mateo sent with me. I hope you don’t mind but I wore yours ever since I opened it on the plane because it reminded me of your caring heart and warm hugs. Thanks Brittany!

Tomás: You definitely were a perfect partner in crime this past week. You were pretty much at my side during all that I was going through. You witnessed most of the plane ticket fiasco and you being there was super helpful. You saw me go crazy a few times but if you hadn’t been there I probably would have been a complete disaster. Your presence was much needed whether that be just sitting next to me listening to how ridiculous some of those people were that were trying to help me or assisting me with numbers, advice and definitely laughter. The advice throughout these two days helped me choose the right decision so I thank you. I also thank you for keeping me in the loop while being gone. I felt like I was still in the house and not missing a thing. Thanks Tomás!

Jelly: Muchos Lovies a Usted! The morning I asked you what you would do if you were in my situation, was one of the points that drew me closer to going home. Your quick and honest response made me think that there should be no question to what I should do. You reminded me that how important the family is and I think because there was so much going on I was not seeing that. You helped remind me of the importance. Along with these words, your hugs and maybe a few tears in your eyes… even though you don’t cry…I knew you understood what I was going through. That understanding is what I needed at that time! Thanks Jelly!

Mateo: You were right there along with Jelly when it came to reminding me of how important the family was. With so much going on upstairs this past week, you really helped clear things up. I am so happy you were there that morning to help me out. Also, I cannot express how much I loved your letter. I don’t know if all of that is true but I will continue to work and strive for it. You have given me hopeand something to work for. I am also so grateful for you lending me your rosary…. Especially that one! I felt like I was holding something sacred. I want to let you know that I said half the rosary with yours and half with Brittany’s before I took off on my first flight Sunday. Then with you in mind, I offered to head the Rosary at my Grandpa’s prayer service, while sitting next to my Grandma. I did an intention Rosary like we did in the house one night and everyone loved it! I have you to thank for that idea but I have you to thank for just being there with me this past weekend! Thanks Mateo!

Bro. Jim: I need to thank you for being in your office at just the right time. All your help that you offered me and my family was overflowing! I thank you for being there to assist with everything and sending your prayers up to the big guy for my family. I also need to thank you for placing these four wonderful individuals in Costa Rica and Syarcuse. The support system you created is wonderful! Thanks Bro. Jim.

Fray Jorge: Gracias por todos! Me ayudó muchísima! Mi mente estaba muy lleno con cosas que no sabia que hacer. Cuando hablamos juntos, usted clarificó muchas cosas muy importante y compartió sus historias conmigo para entender mejor que necesitaba hacer! Usted no solo escucha con sus orejas pero con su corazón! Por eso… estoy muy agredecido para tener usted en mi Vida! No lo podía hacer sin usted. Espero que algún dia podré repagar el favor! Gracias Fray Jorge!

A big thanks to my family for helping me get back so I could be there to help celebrate the life of Grandpa Alvin. I was completely honored to be able to give the Eulogy and I want to thank you each and everyone for helping by sharing their wonderful memories that will continue to live within all of our hearts! You guys are all so very special to me and it was great seeing you! Love you all!

Finally Thank you Grandpa Alvin! You were a wonderful man and incredible grandfather to me. I will never forget the many things you have taught me and the numerous memories you have shared with me. I am so happy to Carry on the Differding name because you have established an amazing foundation for us all. You may be gone but you will always have a special place in my heart! I will miss you but I know you will continue to look over me and the rest of our family!

It is what it is… Right!


  1. Jordan, you have such a big heart and it was a pleasure to read this. I'm thankful to have such a great big brother like you to live with in the house.

  2. Jord I'm so happy that you are surrounded by all of these wonderful people who have been able to help you through a rough time. It sounds like a great environment to be in not only when you are struggling but on a day to day basis. Thanks for sharing your stories! Love you and thinking of you!